Dead ends. Literally

So I’ve hit a few dead ends on my “little” project, but I’m actually happy about that.  It’s forcing me to finish up some loose ends with the newer generations, add pictures, etc.  Lots of great research going on.

Is it weird that I’ve taken a liking to reading obituaries?

There are a lot of great resources (that I have found so far) that are free.  However, it seems as though every time I find something I really need as a fact citation, it has a “subscription” fee attached to it.  Every nickel and dime….

I’m getting a good amount of family oral (read: unpublished) history as well from various sources, especially about one of my great grandfathers.  It seems he was a real bastard to his wife and kids.  He was a very abusive man, both mentally and physically.  He liked the booze too.  Liked it so much, he named 2 of his sons Phillip A., and was prone to spelling his first name 5 different ways, all documented.

Well, as “they” say, you can’t choose your family.  HA!

Genealogy, what a beast

Seriously.  The file I had saved in 2007 included Sevigny, Simoneau, as well as the start of Betty, Arpin & McGaunn. has been a huge help so far finding missing dates, family members, etc.

Weirdly enough, the family tree has been expanded under Benjamin Simoneau’s tree, as well as Omer Sevigny’s tree, I think by accident.  It’s pretty interesting when you find out who you end up being related to.

That said, I’m finding that I shouldn’t fight it and keep the tree “narrow”, rather; put it all together, then parse out the information later.  Fortunately, the Family Tree Maker allows you to do that, so I should be able to make some really cool trees in the future.



Genealogy = History

I’m going to do it.

I’ve decided to update and complete my genealogy project that I started 10 years ago.  That said, I’ve found my files that I saved back in 2005 on my network drive, and have been reaching out to relatives to help me with the project.  I have a fairly comprehensive baseline, but because data sharing is 100000X better now than it was when I started in 2004, I feel as though I can complete a more comprehensive file to be shared with the family.

I’m hoping that by the time I complete this project, I will have enough to make a nice coffee table book for the relatives.

Facebook has made this process so much easier, much easier than the old bulletin boards.  Stand by Simoneaus.  This project is going to encompass the family of Samuel & RoseAnna (Sevigny) Simoneau, so I will be doing this project with two families in mind.  The Sevignys have done a TON of research, and have found their records going back to  Julien Charles de Sevigny dit LaFleur.  How cool is that?